Lamella MMC is the heart of any sustainable MMC build.

“Aligning our economies with the finite and fragile world we depend on is without a doubt the principal challenge of our age, but we have the tools to do it. All that remains is the political will.”

Lord Goldsmith, Minister of State for the Environment and International Development. 

One of those tools is mass timber– input sunshine and carbon dioxide, output beautiful carbon sequestering buildings improving the quality of our environment and our health and wellbeing. It’s so simple.

Lamella MMC Ltd.     Make CLT Mainstream.

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Make CLT Mainstream !

We are united by our conviction that the construction industry, as we know it, is being completely disrupted by the zero and negative carbon technologies already available and coming down the track.

The most important of these is the adoption of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) which in our view will replace the use of brick, block, concrete and steel in the construction of building envelopes in all sorts of buildings from housing to education, and sports facilities to commercial buildings.

And hence our first aim Make CLT Mainstream.

And our name, Lamella MMC. A Lamella is a strip of wood which when laid at 90 degrees to an other (orthogonally) and glued under pressure goes to make a panel of CLT. MMC stands for Modern Methods of Construction. It goes without saying, whatever the material, buildings will increasingly be constructed in dedicated factories and erected on site using MMC.

In addition to our knowledge of zero and negative carbon construction technology, the Lamella team has considerable skill and experience in disciplines as varied as architecture, property development, building surveying and finance.

With Lamella MMC, YOU can meet the government’s future targets TODAY, to optimise profit while avoiding costly pitfalls.

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