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Lamella MMC was formed to bring Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), a highly sustainable and carbon efficient structural construction material to the mainstream.

With our experienced and diverse team, we provide everything you need to take your project from concept to completion, whilst building beautifully in Cross Laminated Timber.

By utilising the principles of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) your project will be more cost effective, less wasteful and faster.


  • Cost effective
  • Quick to install
  • Simplified project management
  • Structural integrity
  • Precision cut
  • Carbon neutral
  • Reduced waste
  • Lighter foundations

As well as being distributors of CLT, we provide a full support service and a well developed supply chain for developers, contractors and public sector bodies looking to move into a healthier and more sustainable future.

Our mission is simple; MAKING CLT MAINSTREAM!

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Placing an order with Lamella.


Lamella MMC Limited (Lamella) is a distributor of sustainable building products, principally Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

Lamella is dedicated to giving excellent service to its customers and clients.

Lamella’s service offerings are set out in detail on its website;

Part of Lamella’s service offering is to offer clients a virtual CLT supply chain and with that in mind Lamella can help co-ordinate the supply chain but does not accept responsibility or liability for third parties’ design, supplies or other services.

It is a matter for the client to engage directly with other suppliers and service providers.

Lamella can assist clients with initial budgeting by preparing an “Indicative Estimate” before the full detail is known, or clients can use the “CLT Calculator” provided on Lamella’s website by going to the Community section of the website and registering as a Lamella Community Member.

Please note that costs provided through Lamella’s “Indicative Estimate” and the “CLT Calculator” are only intended as a rough guide and are in no way to be taken as final or binding. This is due to the many variables involved that inevitably change as the design progresses.

Only once the design is provided at “Construction Status” and signed off by the structural engineers and client alike can a formal quote be provided. These drawings will show:

· What is to be built in CLT,

· The sizes of panels,

· The thickness and number of lamellas in the panels,

· The orientation of the lamellas in the panels,

· The openings for doors, windows etc,

· Lifting arrangements,

· Water resistant coating or coverings,

· The finish required (eg Non-Visual, Industrial Visual or Visual) and on how many sides,

· Fixings and membranes to be used.

Consequently, we recommend that the structural engineer’s drawings are completed as soon as possible and made available to Lamella. If a fire engineer has been instructed, their recommendations need to be incorporated into these drawings.

Terms and Conditions of Trade

Our Terms and Conditions of Trade are available in the associates area at bottom of every page on our website.

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Delivery arrangements and Payment Terms

We can usually deliver the product to site 8 weeks after order.

We require a payment of 80% of the agreed price on order and the final 20% on delivery to site, all plus VAT, if applicable.

Title will vest in the Client or its nominee on delivery to site.

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