Lamella MMC

Nurturing and using nature’s power to give us an incomparably wonderful growing material to build with

We are Lamella MMC and we build in Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

In the trade a lamella is a long piece of wood, usually spruce or pine, used to make CLT.

MMC is shorthand for Modern Methods of Construction, which is the efficient, factory production of buildings which are then rapidly assembled on site.

CLT is created by gluing lamellae together, under pressure, at right angles to each other.

The panels are immensely strong in compression, tension and shear so that they can bear much of the structural load of a building without reinforcement or separate frames.


There are many MMC’s but in our view CLT is an outstanding building material in so many ways. It’s strong, durable,light, adaptable, cost effective and quick and easy to assemble.

Best of all, in a warming world, it’s carbon negative. It sequesters carbon which would otherwise be released when the timber is felled.

So we hold the carbon of the felled tree in the CLT panel and the growing trees both improve the world’s ability to soak up carbon emissions and release oxygen.

Building in CLT works for your customers, for your shareholders and for all of our children.

That’s what we do. Make CLT Mainstream.

Image above Courtesy of Stora Enso