Benefits of Building with CLT

Have you thought of the benefits if your building weighed half as much as a brick and block building?

• Design and contract administration savings
• Earlier income stream for developers
• Much cheaper erection and fitting out
• Saving potential through standard designs (archetypes) and mass customisation
• Lighter weight foundations
• Better Health and Safety
• Less snagging
• Lower lifetime costs (draught proofing, insulation, ease of heating etc)
• Healthier living with less sickness for employers and lower burden on health services

Make CLT Mainstream.

CLT Images Courtesy Of Stora Enso

It's Lightweight.

  • Your building will weigh half as much as a brick and block build by using lightweight foundations.

  • You can build additional floors on existing buildings with minimum strain on existing foundations.

  • It’s easier to build on marginal ground conditions.

It's fast.

  • Modular panels are craned into place and easily fixed mechanically for speedy installation.

  • Quicker progress to weatherproof shells and easier fit outs.

  • Quicker build times means lower, and more predictable, finance costs.

  • More predictable programming

  • Build on hard to reach and marginal sites.

It's green.

  • Building in the greenest panel material available can help with planning and regulatory barriers.

  • Greenhouse gas reduction is a major plank of both local and central government policy. Building in CLT would be a big win for them and may be a significant factor in unlocking sites currently without consent.

  • And CLT is a “Modern Method of Construction” (MMC) promoted by Government policy.

  • CLT stores carbon dioxide in its structure. So long as the timber is panels and beams are carbon sequestering; ie carbon negative. By building with CLT you can be ahead of the curve to carbon zero.

  • CLT is a Modern Method of Construction designed in BIM as already promoted by government.

  • Easy to design in and achieve EPC A rating, or above and minimise energy consumption.

It's cost effective.

  • Building with CLT panels is already very cost competitive with traditional methods.

  • But as with any manufactured product cost reduces as volumes increase. At Lamella we are working on a range of modular designs which we expect to sell in large numbers and which clients will be able to buy off the shelf.

  • Or we can develop a design for you which we can manufacture for you. We can also enter into licensing deals to build your design for other clients if that is what you have in mind.

It's flexible and efficient.

  • Windows and doors will fit and can be ordered at the beginning of the build, and pre-installed at the factory.

  • Kitchen and bathroom pods will fit without adjustment.

  • Draughts can be all but eliminated.

  • Easy to design in and achieve EPC A rating, or above and minimise energy consumption.

  • Eliminate first fix of the utilities on site altogether.

  • Simplify second fix.

It's safer.

  • A simplified construction method, and a quiet and quick installation process combined with a tidier and cleaner site.

  • Lower chance of accidents on site saving reputational damage, management time and insurance cost.

  • Fewer vehicle movements

  • Less chance of damaged and stolen materials.

  • Operational and management efficiencies

CLT permits design flexibility

CLT is very strong in all directions (compression, tension and shear) so the outer shell can provide all the strength that the building requires, like a monocoques car, leaving the internal design free, and allowing multiple layouts within the same outer shell.

Make CLT Mainstream.