What is Lamella, MMC and CLT?

A lamella is a thin plate and MMC is a reference to Modern Methods of Construction.


Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

Lamella MMC is proud to be working in association with QED Structures

QED Structures are Structural & Civil Engineers, and experts in Cross Laminated Timber.

MMC is a generic term which refers to buildings which are substantially factory built reducing the time on site to a minimum and significantly simplifying the construction process.

By manufacturing as much of the building as possible under controlled conditions we improve quality, reduce tolerances and increase productivity at a stroke.

QED Structures Technical


Cross Laminated Timber

CLT consists of lamellas (maybe that should be lamellae) of timber glued together under pressure at right angles to each other. The lamellae are typically 20 / 30 / 40 mm thick and the resultant panels are 3,5 or 7 lamellae thick. CLT panels are immensely strong in compression, tension and shear so CLT can bear much of the structural load of a building without separate frames.

We often make the analogy between cars with a monocoque chassis (the CLT approach) and old fashioned cars when the chassis was separate from the body and the structural integrity dependent on a frame and reinforcement (the brick and block approach).

Image Courtesy of Stora Enso

Why MMC and CLT?

At Lamella we believe that, of all the available MMC; CLT is far and away the winner. And here’s why:


It’s very strong, very durable, very light (smaller foundations), very adaptable and quick and easy to assemble.

Carbon Negative

Best of all, the material is carbon negative. That is to say that it holds carbon, which would otherwise be released when the timber is felled, within its structure. And Stora Enso plant trees in its stead, increasing the world’s ability to soak up carbon emissions and release oxygen.

We believe that building in CLT will be a major factor in the Construction Industry’s contribution to the UK’s carbon net zero targets; improving the world for all of us.

Make CLT Mainstream.

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