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CLT Timber Glue. 100% Safe. Voc Content 0%

The Above CLT Image Courtesy of Stora Enso

From a toxicological point of view, the fully cured polymeric LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives are completely safe for human health and the environment. Once the LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives have fully cured, there is an inert product in the glued joint of the wood component that does not emit hazardous substances to the environment because the isocyanate compounds are bound in the plastic matrix and the products contain no further volatiles. At this point, we would like to emphasize that LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives are free of formaldehyde and solvents.

LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives are products with a VOC content of 0 % according to the Swiss definition (VOCV 814.018 VOC regulation CH) as stated in section 15 of the safety data sheet. At temperatures up to 100 °C we do not expect a degradation of the polymer chains and thus no emission of VOC substances.

In summary, it is therefore important for us to underline that from a scientific point of view, the cured LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives pose no risk to human health and the environment in the final product.