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What is CLT and Why it is the future of construction

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Building the future with cross-laminated timber (CLT)

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What is CLT?

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is made of strips of spruce, pine or Douglas fir (called lamellae) laid orthogonally and glued under pressure.

It is made in dedicated factories in standard panels which typically measure 13 metres by 3 metres. However other sizes are possible.

The glues used in the production of CLT by and large are zero VOC. If you wish to order CLT, Lamella MMC will check the glue with the manufacturer for you before processing the order

Globally (CLT) cross-laminated timber is being recognised as the product to change the face of construction.

It is the only feasible solution to carbon negative development for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Whether in stunning structures like wooden high-rises and floating staircases or more everyday applications, CLT offers strength and stability, rapid assembly, cost effectiveness and excellent sustainability credentials.

CLT construction is rapidly becoming adopted by the more advanced developer with an eye for the future.

CLT wins hands down. Stronger than steel, lightweight, superior acoustic, seismic, fire, and thermal performance, cross-laminated timber is currently being adopted and replacing concrete, masonry and steel in the construction of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

CLT buildings can be built in a faction of the time a traditional build would take.

Safer, quicker, reduced financial exposure, reduced marker pricing exposure, increased profits and stability for investors.

CLT panels are pre-cut to size in the factory using computer-controlled CNC machines. CLT is cut to a high precision so fixing on site is dramatically reduce and quality of finish is far superior to traditional build methods .