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OAIRO atomix-AIR. Virus Risk Mitigation and Energy Efficient Carbon Sequestering Indoor Air Solutions.

Oairo creates a perfectly balanced indoor atmosphere for human well-being, comfort, performance and energy efficiency.

  1. Saves up to 73% of the energy used for heating ventilation and air conditioning
  2. Delivers indoor atmospheres/climates, operating within +/- 0.5ºc
  3. Utilises unique patented physics algorithms to create “Accelerated Thermal Equilibrium”
  4. Dynamically maintains the indoor atmosphere in real-time 24/7 (to set points)
  5. Optimises, controls, analysis and reports on all the associated HVAC equipment & operations
  6. Uses industry-standard hardware with proven engineering
  7. Designed and constructed to international standards by leading global principal contractors
  8. Increases building YIELD through operational savings and energy re-billing* assisting asset stability
  9. Fully funded installation repaid from energy savings
  10. Creates low emission, high-efficiency buildings

As seen on CNBC “Advancements in Technology” Series:

Air Quality & Virus Risk Mitigation presentation

Oairo Air Quality Guide Power Point

Client Product – presentation

Client Product Power Point

Case Studies

Oairo Case Studues Power Point

OAIRO atomixAIR was scientifically developed to deliver healthy indoor atmospheres through particle and molecular interaction.  Whilst developing our unique gas law algorithm it took us back to the first principles of gas laws and thermodynamics which resulted in a number of firsts for the HVAC industry. 

This delivers incredible efficiencies as a by-product of the molecular interactions & kinetic energy transfer which results in atomix-air’s requirement to dynamically micro control 100% of the HVAC system.  We then worked with partners such as Tridium, Distech controls, Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi etc to develop a new ecosystem (Power Over Ethernet) which enables micro-control and easy installation across systems and buildings delivering maximum variability in the plant.

Strategic Partnership:

We have joined forces with a dynamic UK CLT consultant and distributor called Lamella MMC Ltd. With their expertise in the market place and the CLT product/technology they deliver, this will add further value and also assist in “green certification” of our CLT suitable projects across the UK in respect of carbon and CO2 emissions , sustainability and aesthetics.

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